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MALPRO SILICA PRIVATE LIMITED was incorporated in 1986 to achieve industry's best quality standards in the field of manufacturing SODIUM SILICATE and POTASSIUM SILICATE. Our presence and commitment to people affiliated with us over couple of decades is still the same, the quality eminence of our product is still the same and many of our current customers in the field of Soap and Detergent manufacturing, Foundries, Precipitated Silica, Silica Gel, Paper manufacturing, Waste waster treatment, Textile processing, Zeolite manufacturing, Additives and Mining have become patrons who express a sense of satisfaction.

Our outlay of expertise in SODIUM SILICATE MANUFACTURING and INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING OF SILICATE PLANTS ON TURNKEY BASIS WITH MALPRO’S TECHNOLOGY during these years of operation have coagulated us with realization in spearing and redefining the existing technology to cost structured and result oriented output. The freedom, commitment and practical indulgence of Malpro’s research team bestow further insights to TECHNOLOGY, PROCESS EXPERTISE, DESIGN & CONSULTANCY, PLANT ENGINEERING, TURN KEY PROJECT EXECUTION RANGING FROM 10 to 300 METRIC TONS / DAY, HUMAN RESOURCE & TRAINING, AND CONTRACT SERVICING.

Because of our specialization in the field of Sodium Silicate manufacturing through FURNACE PROCESS AND HYDROTHERMAL PROCESS and total commitment to all customers with relentless pursuit of a quality product, MALPRO is having many successful supplier partnerships and Technological tie-ups with companies of all sizes in many countries of the world.

We at MALPRO are doing our best to make Sodium silicate and its manufacturing concept a fundamental and essential part of everyday, modern life.

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