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The unique combination of chemical and physical properties of Malpro’s Sodium silicate places us with the most versatile and widely used of inorganic chemicals. We are incessantly manufacturing Sodium Silicate to many industrial sectors including :-

1. Soap and Detergents

2. Waste Water & Effluent treatment

3. Textile Processing and Printing

4. Foundries

5. Adhesives/Binder

6. Concrete Surface Hardening

7. High ratio Cements

8. Oil pipe lines

9. Mining

10. Minerals & Ceramics

11. Fireproof Board

12. Soil grouting

13. Raw material feedstock for chemical manufacture

14. Metal Refining

15. Paints & Pigments

16. Concrete Drilling

17. Zeolite Manufacturing

18. Fabrication of Electric compounds

19. Glass Foam

20. Impregnation of wood

21. Calcium Silicate

22. Insecticides and Pesticides as filler

23. Egg Preservation

24. Anti Correction Agent

25. Silica Gel


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