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Sodium Silicate is a non hazardous chemical and has wide applications world over. Its diversified and essential applications churn out increasing demand for the product day by day. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest technologies to deliver the best quality. "Commitment to quality" is more than a phrase at MALPRO - it's our way of doing business. At every level of our organization, from the production line to every department between, quality is the number one priority.

Sodium Silicate ranges with different chemical compositions, produced by the fusion of Silica Sand or Quartz with Soda Ash at a temperature of about 1400 C in a Closed End Furnace. This process yields water glass (sodium silicate) in the form of small lumps which is further liquidated in a digester with water to produce Liquid Sodium Silicate. The liquid is filtered and storage ready for dispatch.






Na2Co3 + nSiO2 -> Na2O.nSiO2 + CO2









In as much as the company is constantly engaged in research and development to upgrade the quality of the product by atomization and better cost analysis, our team of R&D executives are arrayed with evolving technologies from the International arena. They work closely with each other to assure rapid exchange of technology that allows the use of the network and ideas at the required juncture.

Technological Support in upgrading these research facilities and capabilities is accomplished by our Managing Director who is familiar with this industry for more than couple of a decades.


We are concerned with the effectiveness of our management systems wherein we prioritize and adopt measures to take care of the health of our personnel, plant safety and the operation to coordinate vendors, organizations, contractors and subcontractors associated with the company.


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