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Our vision is to be the global market leader outfitted with the most advanced technology and network in the field of Manufacturing Quality grade Sodium Silicate to suit any application.
We shall develop and exceed company’s expectations consistently to build business relationship with clients in the Global arena thus achieving greater profitability, performance and efficiency for our company and customer satisfaction through exceptional Quality and Service.


Our Mission is to combine the drive, dedication and pride of ownership that characterize a small company, to manufacture and market Quality Sodium Silicate at a very competitive price with the influence and prestige of partnering with our clients. We are relationship orientated, not transactions orientated and our team building approach means that we take continued success of our company seriously.

Together, the managing members of Working Force Personnel have over 20 years experience in the Manufacturing and Marketing of Sodium Silicate and other related chemicals. We shall stay abreast of new trends and technologies, ensuring our clients the best available quality and service in the market place. Our commitment would be given importance is to quality and integrity. We shall conduct our business in accordance with the honest, ethical and professional standards.

We strongly believe in "partnering" a team of Office bearers to develop an understanding of the specific skill needs and cultural imperatives of the company. Our personalized approach and a decade experience in this field of chemical manufacture emphasize our dedication and determination to understand the strategy, culture, Management and Client wants and needs.



At MALPRO, we don't believe that any industry has the right to compromise the environment. We stand behind that conviction with an ongoing effort to find new and innovative ways to protect the environment as we make our products even better.

Our product is a non hazardous industrial chemical which is wholly inorganic and once diluted have no significant environmental impact. They are saturated with respect to oxygen and as such do not possess a chemical oxygen demand (COD) or a biological oxygen demand (BOD). Depending on pH values silicates in effluent and surface waters are rapidly dispersed and neutralized, by reaction with naturally occurring dissolved polyvalent metals (e.g. Ca, Mg, Al, Fe) forming insoluble silicates or amorphous silica. These products occur in abundance in natural soils and rocks.

Malpro is the acknowledged leader in advanced industry technology. Continuing eco-friendly technological developments promise to propel our competitive drive well into the next decade.

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